JUA Risk Management activities are legislated under RCW 48.87.080.

RCW 48.87.080

"Risk management program - Part of plan.

     A risk management program for insureds of the association must be established as a part of the plan. This program must include but not be limited to: Investigation and analysis of frequency, severity, and causes of adverse or untoward outcomes; development of measures to control these injuries; systematic reporting of incidents; investigation and analysis of patient complaints; and education of association members to improve quality of care and risk reduction."

To carry out the JUA's goal to educate midwives to reduce risk, the JUA provides the following to its member insureds:

Risk Management Consultations

The JUA has contracted with Intercare Insurance Services for the on-site consultations. Melonie Ramsey RN, MS conducts the consultations.


Victoria Grace of QMA Risk Management LLC produced a set of guides to help policyholders create effective documentation. Click here to explore.


EMERGENCY SKILLS TRAINING facilitates safe practice while at the same time reduces your risk exposure and earns some of the Continuing Ed credits required for policy renewal. The JUA approved emergency skills training classes are BEST and ALSO.

Contact Melonie Ramsey at [email protected] for more information about these programs and other ways to manage your risk.