Contact Information

Your point of contact for all issues:

Liz Chalmers
(425) 956-3227 or toll free (866) 415 6061
Fax (866) 212-9633

Please send all payments to:

PO Box 1206
Spokane, WA 99210-1206

Please send all correspondence, including application forms, to:

Preferably by fax (866) 212-9633 or by email

If mailing, please send to:

PO Box 2676
Redmond WA 98073-2676

If you need to report a claim or incident

First, call/email Liz at the numbers listed above. If you do not hear back within 1 business day, please call the Claims Management contact directly:

Melonie Ramsey, Intercare
(425) 636-1065

For risk management issues, including liability review:

Melonie Ramsey
(425) 636-1065