To assist in financial planning, particularly for new policyholders, midwives whose practice volume is changing significantly, or midwives considering the Short Term Practice Reduction program, the premium rates as of January 1, 2023 are listed below. Please note that this is a guideline only and does not constitute a formal policy proposal. In order to receive a formal proposal, you must complete an application or renewal form and submit it for approval.

LM/CNM Rate Guidelines

New to Practice LM/CNM Base Rate: $5,665

Covers the first 0-12 births for midwives whose policy starts within 12 months of the first license date (whether in Washington or any other State). This NTP rate applies to the first year of your policy and, if your first policy was pro-rated (ie. it started after July 1st and was for less than 12 births) also to your second full year.

Established LM/CNM Base Rate: $7,554

Covers the first 0-12 births for established midwives

Incremental Birth Rates

If you attend more than 12 births a year, your premium includes per-birth increments as follows:

Births Per Birth $
13-24 $218
25-49 $180
50-74 $168
75+ $143

So, as an example, if you are not new to practice and you plan to attend 30 births, your premium would be calculated as:

Base Rate First 12 births $7,554 =$7,554
13-24 12 births@ $218 each =$2616
25-49 6 births@ $180 each =$1080
50-74 0 births@ $168 each =$0
75+ 0 births@ $143 each =$0
Well Woman Care Increments

If you are an ARNP, you may pay extra depending on the percentage of your practice that offers Well Woman Care.

% Gyn $ Increment
0 $0
up to 25% $220
up to 50% $440
over 50% $880

Birth Center Rate Guidelines

Base Rate: $1,889

This base rate covers any number of births attended by midwives who hold a JUA Midwifery Medical Professional Liability Policy

Additional Births

Births attended by providers who are not covered by the JUA are charged an additional $218 per birth

Practice Reduction Programs

The Practice Reduction programs are available to midwives who wish to significantly reduce the number of births they attend for two reasons:

  • As part of a transition plan between full practice and full retirement

  • As part of a temporary practice size reduction that will be followed not by retirement but by a return to full-time practice.

To be eligible for either program, you must meet both of the following criteria:

  • You must have five years current and consecutive JUA coverage at a minimum of twelve births attended each year

  • You must be current with continuing education and peer review, and remain current while covered under the Practice Reduction programs.

Short Term Practice Reduction Program

The Short Term Practice Reduction Program (STPR) is for midwives wishing to still attend births. The program lasts for up to 5 years, at which point you would either return to full practice, retire, or switch to the Long Term Practice Reduction Program.

The Short Term Practice Reduction Program is available to midwives licensed in the State of Washington for 5 consecutive years and be in good standing.

Rating guidelines for the STPR program are as follows:

1. The maximum number of births attended during the STPR policy term is the lesser of:

  • Eleven (11), or
  • 40% of the average births paid for over the past five years

2. The base premium and additional delivery charge for births attended are:

Births Premium
up to 2 $1,320 base rate
3 to 11 $440 per birth

If you attend 12 or more births, you become ineligible for the STPR program and your entire premium (including births 0-12) will be calculated using the standard rating structure.

Long Term Practice Reduction Program

The Long Term Practice Reduction Program is available to midwives licensed in the State of Washington for 10 consecutive years and be in good standing.

The Long Term Practice Reduction Program (LTPR) is available to midwives who wish to stop attending births, but continue offering prenatal, postpartum and (for nurse midwives) Well Woman care. The LTPR does not permit the provision of intrapartum care in any capacity, or postpartum care within 12 hours of the birth. Please refer to the previous section "Practice Reduction Programs" for eligibility criteria.

  • The LTPR program costs $1,056 per year.
  • There is no maximum duration for this program.
  • You are required to sign a no-births endorsement that gives the dates the no-birth coverage begins and (if the midwife switches back to a birth policy) ends.
  • If you wish to switch back to a birth policy, you must inform the JUA prior to attending any births in order to have coverage.