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Victoria Grace 1/24/2012

It's the responsibility of each midwife to learn about HIPAA and how it works, including all its ramifications for midwifery practice, and to remain current on periodic changes in the HIPAA rules and regulations. Assembling a notebook of HIPAA policies, procedures and forms is only the first step in compliance. Full compliance includes intimately knowing and consistently implementing those policies and procedures by taking the correct HIPAA action in a timely fashion.


HIPAA for Midwifery 101: 3-part article by Brynne Potter, CPM. 
Click on �Download PDF� at the end of Part One and you will get all three parts in a single download:

Health and Human Services (HHS):

The HIPAA Survival Guide, an important resource:

HIPAA Privacy Essentials for the Physician's Office; includes information, documents and forms tailored to the small practice. This web site was developed by OHIC Insurance Company and Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine in partnership with Ohio University Without Boundaries:

5 Things Every Midwife Must Do To Keep Their Phone, Laptop or Tablet Secure & HIPAA Compliant: http://getprivatepractice.com/work/mobile-hipaa/

IMPORTANT:  Use this link to report a HIPAA breach.  Fill out the 'Notice to the Secretary of HHS of Breach of Unsecured Protected Health Information'  form located there: http://ocrnotifications.hhs.gov/